Quartz Countertops And Surfaces

Wilsonart® Quartz is a stylish, sleek and strong surface with performance features that make this one of the most popular surface materials on the market today. Architecture Stones proudly carries Wilsonart® Quartz so visit our showroom today with easy access from Rockville, MD.
The 2019 Quartz designs capture the authentic essence of natural stones while incorporating neutral colors in reimagined structures.

Featuring trendy neutrals like warm and cool whites, greys, and black, each design is uniquely suited to mix with a variety of styles and trends for evergreen spaces.

Big, bold and beautiful. Jumbo-size quartz slabs allow you to relish in all the seamless function and elegant appearance of Wilsonart® Quartz.

Jumbo slabs are perfect for kitchen islands, wall panels, and other specialty applications.

Available in three sizes:

63″ x 120″
63″ x 126″
65 x 130″

Quartz Countertops Design Library