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Europeans have been installing porcelain countertops for quite some time now, however, this type of countertop has only recently gained notice in the United States. The trend will likely continue as there are numerous benefits to this countertop material.

Essentially, porcelain is made from clay — but not just any type of clay. The clay used to create porcelain is often called China clay, and it contains a high percentage of a mineral known as kaolinite along with silica, feldspar and other mineral oxides which together are responsible for the strength and durability of porcelain.

This combo is put into a kiln and fired at extremely high temperatures. The result is a super dense material that is nearly completely impervious to stains, heat, UV rays, scratching, chips, and cracks.

Pigmented glazes are added during manufacturing to create different colors and patterns on the porcelain slab.

Your porcelain can either be glazed or unglazed. A matte or high-gloss glaze (with or without a pattern) is applied, then it is fired a second time so that the glaze adheres completely.

The glaze decreases porosity (and risk of staining), increases durability, and creates the shiny finish.

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