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Welcome to Architecture Stones

Architecture Stones is the largest stone fabricator for residential and commercial properties serving all of Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia, including Rockville, MD. Your experience will be expertly guided by our staff and designers from start to finish in every aspect of your project.

We listen to our customers’ needs and our quality craftsmen pay attention to every detail from the customization of your countertop to the moment of installation. With over 4,500 slabs, we have the greatest selection of top-quality stone-related products from around the world.

Why Choose Architecture Stones

Veria Marble & Granite, Inc., DBA Architecture Stones, has grown to become one of the largest fabricators and installers of custom countertops in the DC Metro Area, including Rockville, MD. We serve every division of the building industry, including residential, custom builders, retail establishments, and large-volume commercial applications.

Over the past 40 years, the foundation of our business is our commitment to customer satisfaction. Our customers continue to return because they know we’re experienced, we offer the greatest selection, and fabricate and install with our quality craftsmen at the lowest price.

Our team specializes in the design, making it easy to find what’s right for your home or business. By representing many manufacturers nationwide the choices are endless when picking your countertop stone product.

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Our Marble, Granite, Quartz Process

Stone is truly a piece of natural art, and following this extensive process ensures that your finished product is a beautiful focal point of your project. Mixing experience, technology, tools and artistry is key to a stunning end result.


Marble, Granite, Quartz Stone Fabrication

It is remarkable just how much occurs during this process and how important it is to get the most from your countertop for years to come.

This fabrication process is done by a stone fabricator, which is a very specialized person. In some cases the granite supplier also specializes in stone fabrication and everything can be done at their shop prior to being delivered to your home. The convenience of one-stop shopping can lead to having more control over the entire process.

On this page, we will explore the steps between slab selection and countertop installation, otherwise known as the fabrication process.

Why Our Marble & Granite Countertops?

Competitive Pricing

Veria Marble & Granite‘s affordable pricing allows natural stone to be an option for every home in the Rockville, MD area. Increase the value and the aesthetic of your home without breaking your budget.

Huge Selection

Veria Marble & Granite provides a wide variety of natural stone options for your space, so there is always a perfect choice for you, no matter the style you’re going for in your home.

Precision Design

Stone is truly a piece of natural art, and following the Veria Marble & Granite process ensures that your finished product is a beautiful focal point of your project.

No Middle Man

With Veria Marble & Granite, you’re buying your natural stone straight from the source. This lack of a middle man means lower prices for you and a direct line to the best stone you can place into your Rockville, MD home.

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